Covid – 19 Lock Down

As a player in the Flagstaff Cultural and Arts scene, we have been asked to commit to a pledge in alliance with other Arts and Cultural Organizations.  Following is a link to a short YouTube regarding this pledge.  Please take the time to review this and comment if you like.  We look forward to getting back to normal as soon as we can and start bringing back the world class Celtic performers we have become known for.


We are all struggling through these unprecedented times and hoping for a quick end to the Covid-19 virus and pandemic. Living Traditions sincerely hopes that everyone is staying safe and healthy.   Currently we are not able to book any shows and all shows that were scheduled have been cancelled or postponed to undetermined future dates.  We are remaining in contact with the performers and their agents and hoping all survive the virus, economic impact and subsequent travel restrictions.  This is definitely a hardship on the musicians especially since most of our performers have to deal with Immigration and the required VISAs to work in our country.  It takes several months to make application for a VISA and get all the approvals.  So with quarantines in their home country and ours, travel and touring is not an option at this time.

Please keep an eye open for emails from us and check our website for confirmed dates and venues. Stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

Living Traditions Presentations would like to acknowledge the following supporters of our organization and cultural arts in our community. Thank you!


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